The 1st research seminar 2023 for the Faculty was held on February 3, 2023 at Makerere University Business School. The aim was to equip participants with information on doing meticulous and relevant research

The Dean of the Faculty Assoc. Prof Sheila Namagembe welcomed members to the seminar which was remarkably geared towards enforcing collaborations and aiding relevant research in the Faculty.

Topics covered were:

  • Defining a plausible research question,
  • Designing the research study and
  • Writing a publishable paper from the research results

The lead trainers and moderators included; Dr. Bonny Bagenda, Dr. Wilson Tusiime, Assoc.Prof Sheila Namagembe and Prof. Stephen Nkundabanyanga

The Dean, Assoc.Prof Sheila Namagembe presenting on “Designing the research study ‘ to members