The Makerere University Business School (MUBS) will host the 5th African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ACOSCM) with the key theme of “Leveraging Supply Chain Management for Inclusive Service Delivery in Developing Economies”
Venue: Kampala, Uganda
Date: 5th & 6th September 2023
The 5th ACOSCM complements previous conferences and addresses issues related to enhancing inclusiveness through supply chains in its broadest sense. Inclusive supply chains are more competitive, able to unlock innovation, provide access to new markets, deliver socioeconomic impact in local operating markets and are key drivers for sustainability practices.
Further, through inclusive service supply chains, governments can provide citizens with access to social, economic and infrastructure services, irrespective of their location, income, occupation, sex, tribe or age.
The 5th ACOSCM is in line with the Agenda 2063, which advocates for inclusiveness if African countries are to achieve economic growth and sustainable development. The conference theme reflects that initiative by providing a platform for discussion and dissemination of research findings and policy briefs as well as the regulatory environment in which inclusiveness can be enhanced, implemented, and evaluated.

Conference Participants
The conference participants will be predominantly academics, researchers, postgraduate
students, policy makers and practitioners who will discuss and debate a wide range of issues
bordering on “Supply Chain Management and Inclusive Service Delivery in Developing
Conference Sub-Themes
The conference will have three sub-themes, and potential conference participants are welcome
to submit their abstracts, clearly mentioning the sub-theme from the following:
1. Sustainability and Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
• Climate Change
• Green LSCM
• Agro-LSCM
• Renewable energy
• Digitization in LSCM
• Humantarian logistics
2. Economy and Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
• Circular economy
• Commercial supply chains
• Business management, Global Trade and LSCM
• Regional trade policies, Local Government policies, and LSCM
3. Health and Supply Chain Management (HSCM)
• Healthcare, risk and resilience in HSCM
• Gender and HSCM
• Public and private healthcare governance and HSCM

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